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This chime's light, airy tones complement the butterfly's carefree dance.

In Robert Frost's first published poem, My Butterfly, he pays homage to the ephemeral beauty of this exquisite creature. We designed this wind chime to do the same. Its gentle tones seem to float on the breeze just like the butterfly as it flutters about our gardens.

It seems forever--
Since first I saw thee glance,
With all the dazzling other ones,
In airy dalliance,

- From My Butterfly, by Robert Frost.

This chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.

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Size and Materials

  • Black wash finish pine wood
  • Five bronze aluminum tubes
  • Steel windcatcher
  • Overall Length: 21 inches • Diameter: 5 inches
  • Boxed Weight: 0.8 lb.

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