Watts 175 Pressure Temperature Valve

Watts 175 Pressure Temperature Valve


This 3/4 inch temperature and pressure relief valve is designed to provide automatic temperature and pressure protection to hot water supply tanks and hot water heaters up to 105,000 BTU per hour. This two in one relief valve provides a proven and cost effective means to protect against excessive temperature and pressure emergency conditions. It features a forged body with NPT male inlet and NPT female outlet connections, test lever, and extension thermostat with special thermo-bonded coating. This valve is ASME rated and CSA listed. The temperature relief is 210 degrees (99 degrees C) and the pressure relief is set at 175 psi (12.06 bar).


Unique thermostat with special thermo-bonded coating
Provides fully automatic temperature and pressure relief protection for hot water storage tanks and heaters up to 105,000 BTU/HR. Series
Temperature and pressure relief valve to protect the heater from excessive pressure and temperature
Thermostat is accurate and proven

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