Reese Trailer Hitch Ball Hole Reducer Bushing, Reduces 1.25 in. to 1 in. Diameter


Wiggle room is great in a theatre seat, but it’s the last thing you want when you’re hooking up a trailer. REESE reducer bushings help keep your connections snug, solid, and secure. They work by filling in the gaps between your smaller shank hitch balls and your larger holed ball mounts. Any jerk, jiggle, or wiggle when you’re traveling can weaken the shank of the hitch ball and possibly cause the hitch ball to break and detach from the ball mount. Having a tight connection between the two helps prevent this, keeping your trailer connections and your cargo safe.

REESE hitch ball bushings are corrosion resistant and come in two sizes, letting you use the hitch balls and ball mounts you already have. So grab a REESE reducer bushing hitch reducer today and keep your connections secure.

FUNCTIONAL: Made of corrosion-resistant material for dependable strength. These REESE reducer bushings hold your hitch ball tightly in place, keeping your hitch ball from rattling around when attached to your ball mount.
ECONOMICAL: No need to buy new! These REESE hitch ball reducer bushings give you the flexibility to use the hitch balls and ball mounts you already own.
VERSATILE FIT: This REESE reducer bushing reduces the shank hole in your ball mount down a quarter size, from 1 in. to 0.75 in. allowing hitch balls with a smaller shank to fit more securely into the ball mount hole.
TESTED: REESE ball mounts and accessories are inspected for quality and superior workmanship and are tested to exceed SAE J684 standards, so you can tow confidently knowing your family and your connections are safe and secure.
WARRANTY: REESE trailer hitch ball reducers are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind that your investment is backed by THE most recognized brand in towing since 1952.

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