Apollo PEX Valves 1/2 in. PEX x 3/8 in. C Angle Stop Valve (6 Pack Jar)


Apollo PEX valves are designed to control water flow to plumbing fixtures with simple on/off water flow control to faucets, toilets, and home appliances. Controlling water flow at each fixture allows for maintenance and replacement of fixtures without the need to shut down the entire piping system. Designed for use with Apollo PEX crimp rings, stainless steel pinch clamps or stainless steel sleeves (all sold separately), various outlet connections allow for the use of supply lines with compression threaded ends.

Apollo PEX ball valves are the best solution to add flow control or replace a valve in a potable or hydronic water heating PEX system. Apollo PEX ball valves are suitable for use in conjunction with stainless steel sleeves, stainless steel pinch clamps and copper crimp rings.

Chromed Lead-free DZR brass (Supply Stops)
Simple quarter-turn water flow control
Teflon® seat prevents build-up of scale allowing for reliable operation
Barb connection
For use with PEX pipe
Max. service temperature 200°F and max. pressure 200 psi.
Compatible with crimp ring or clamp connections
Third party certified to NSF-pw Annex G
Complies with ASTM F877
Complies with ASTM F1807
CSA B137.5
NSF 61 (Apollo PEX Ball Valves)

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