AmeriHome ICM6C Ice Cream Maker 6 quart


The AmeriHome Ice Cream maker is one of the most popular Ice Cream makers on the market! Once you've bought one yourself and experienced it first hand, you will understand why: it is so easy to use and will make your family happy when you serve them great-tasting ice cream that you've made yourself!

We have been selling the AmeriHome Ice Cream maker for years, and it's a true testament to its quality and popularity. It really works! Whether you are making it in your backyard, or when camping in the RV park, your family will love the fresh great taste of ice cream you made with your own hands. Sure, you could buy a quart or two from the local grocery store, but making ice cream in your kitchen is a tradition to pass along to your whole family. Plus, you can experiment with the recipe and add more vanilla, or add chocolate chips, just the way you like it!

I've personally made ice cream many times using this AmeriHome product, and I can tell you how rewarding it is. Plus, it's something you can do, too, without a lot of fuss. You will have to prepare your ice cream mixture ahead of time, but once you have that ready, it takes about 30 minutes or so to get ice cream that's just a little firmer than soft-serve. Yes, before you ask, there are three recipes included with the Ice Cream maker, so you won't have to guess which ingredients to add. (One special note: just make sure you also have Rock Salt on hand, because you need the chemical reaction the rock salt creates with the ice to "freeze" the milk mixture.)

When I have all my ingredients prepared, I pour the mixture into the aluminum canister and cover it with the lid. Then I center it within the pine bucket and fully cover the edges with ice. Now I plug the unit into an electric outlet and turn on the motor. I pour rock salt around the top of the ice and stir it while the motor turns the canister. The rock salt and the ice create a "freezing" chemical reaction and this will freeze the mixture inside the canister. Depending on how much rock salt you've used, the mixture should freeze in about 30-40 minutes!

When using the Ice Cream Maker, start by using the electric motor.
Then, as the mixture becomes more solid, let the kids use the hand crank!
6 Quart Pine Tub
Hand Crank & Electric Motor
Aluminum Can with Lid
Plastic Stirrer
Mixing Paddle
Combo Design Offers Two Ways To Make Ice Cream
Easily Switch From Manual To Electric In Seconds
Warranty: 90 day limited

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